WinNewFun is aim to provide extra functionalities to control softwares windows under Windows OS.

(This product is is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10)



All functionalities are control by Shortcuts or Popups or Toolbar:

– Stay on top
– Minimize to tray
– Put back window into the screen
– Window Audio mute/unmute
– Window Volume increase/decrease
– Transparency
– Fullscreen
– Borderless
– Process Priority
– Process Priority including children (Pro)
– Window Watch (Pro)
– Window Hide (Pro)

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WinNewFun will enable you to discover new horizons on Windows!

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2 versions of WinNewFun

There a free and a professional version. The free version give you access to a lot of functionalities, and the professional will extend even more !

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2 versions of WinNewFun

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